The Indigenous Sovereign Nation | Value Delivery System

Greater uncertainty, accelerated pace of change, increased competition and more empowered community members, means Indigenous sovereign entities are having to deliver value to their nations in an increasingly complex environment

Value Delivery System

Indigenous sovereign entities are comprised of various components such as portfolios, programs, projects and operations, that can be used individually and collectively to create value. Working together, they comprise a system for delivering value that is used to create outcomes for community members. These outcomes create value for their communities. See Figure 1

Figure 1: Indigenous Sovereign Nation Value Delivery System










Establishing a Project Management Office (project governance system) creates a framework (see Figure 2) with functions and processes that guide project activities. As part of the Value Delivery System, it provides the First Nation with a management structure that standardizes project related governance processes and facilitates:

  • sharing of resources, tools, methodologies and techniques
  • Smooths project document workflows
  • Manages project issues
  • Supports decision making

Project Management Office Types

Project Specific Services

Shared Services Support

Centralized Services Support

Provides the First Nation with project management guidelines, templates, standardized approaches, tools, training and coaching that support consistency in how projects are delivered

Provides the First Nation with project management support services for planning activities, risk management and performance tracking

Oversee a portfolio of projects including allocating financial and other resources to deliver the project and approving change requests Focus is on coaching teams, building skills and capabilities across the First Nation

Figure 2: Project Management Office Framework








PMO Value Proposition

Initiate a long-term foundation building effort that supports the establishment of a Project Management Office that will contribute to their First Nation by:

  • Fostering Project Management skills and competencies across departments, programs and operations or services
  • Supports decision making by providing Upper and Senior Management with project management education, awareness, information and guidance
  • Aligns work with First Nations strategy
  • Engaging and collaborating with internal portfolio management structure
  • Customizing project delivery processes and governance based on each project’s unique size, complexity and characteristics
  • Evaluates project performance with an eye to continuous improvement, knowledge transfer and change management
  • Sets the project team up for increased success so they can deliver the project’s expected outcomes