Project Stakeholder Identification & Management Workshop

SWP Chair - Cataraquai Region Conservation Authority

"Well done - lots of pre preparation. This workshop would be useful for Source Protection Committee's for their public reviews, etc. and municipal meetings."

SWP Communications Coordinator - Cataraquai Region Conservation Authority

"There are a lot of items here that I can use. The exercises were helpful to understanding the material."

Project Manager, Climate Change Adaptation Project - Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

"Great exercises,emphasized to me importance of the stakeholder end of project management."

Director Lands, Fisheries and IT - South Nation Conservation Authority

"Simple tools to identify and analyze stakeholders to provide for effective communications and ensure a successful project."

Communications and Marketing Coordinator - South Nation Conservation Authority

"Excellent! Very informative: The course met my needs very well."

Program Coordinator - Eastern Ontario Development Program, Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation

"Workshop provided me with excellent tools to support my clients."

Project Manager, Migratory Bird Legislation Project - Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service

"Excellent presentation of useful material."

Senior Vice President - Minto Commercial Group

"Should be mandatory for old Project Managers."

Senior Engineering Technologist, Restoration - Credit Valley Conservation Authority

"Excellent course - very informative."

GIS Applications Specialist - Credit Valley Conservation Authority

"Great! Enjoyed it and can see wher I can use all of this information."

Manager - Assiniboine Hills Conservation District

"I can see this workshop benefitting all Conservation Districts in Manitoba."

GIS Applications Specialist - Ducks Unlimited Canada

"Not a lot I'd suggest changing. The content was good and certainly provides a lot to think about when starting a new project (besides let's get started now). Clearly a more measured and deliberate approach has benefits. I intend to use these new ideas. Thanks!"

Manitoba Conservation, Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection Branch

"Was not sure about the course based on material received. In the end it was extremely useful to some of the projects I have on the go or will be starting shortly. Looks like techniques presented will be extremely useful."

Marketing and Communications Specialist - Manitoba Conservation, Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection Branch

"The workshop was worthwhile. It opened a new way of looking at stakeholders (scoring part) – that was enlightening."

Senior Water Resources Engineer - Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

"Very usefull workshop, I shall apply the things I learned to real world situations. Thanks!"