We offer In-Class, Online Training and Professional Services that allow organizations to effectively manage and implement environmental, municipal infrastructure, as well as sustainability projects. In a world where change to project scope is inevitable, how do you adapt? How do you balance and control the project and still take advantage of the new opportunities? When changes to projects are inevitable, project management knowledge and skills are critical!

Our Learning Experiences Provide:

A Diverse Team-Based Approach Contributes to Learning

Designed for people with diverse backgrounds, experience and knowledge our team-based approach, delivered by practicing experts in their fields, provides hands–on practical experience in the use of field proven methodologies, industry best practices and techniques.


A Pathway to Organizational Project Management Maturity

Once this learning model is completed, a level of organizational project management competency will have been attained to be able to manage change, with the outcome of delivering project results in line with corporate objectives and goals.