Project Management Office (PMO) | Implementation

Greater uncertainty, accelerated pace of change, increased competition & more empowered community members, means Indigenous sovereign entities are having to deliver value to their nations in an increasingly complex environment
Establishing a Project Management Office (Project Governance System) creates a framework (see Figure 1) with functions and processes that guide project activities. As part of the Value Delivery System, it provides the First Nation with a management structure that standardizes project related governance processes and facilitates:

  • sharing of resources, tools, methodologies and techniques
  • Smoothens project document workflows
  • Manages project issues
  • Supports decision making

Figure 1 | Project Management Office Framework

PMO Value Proposition

Initiate a long-term foundation building effort that supports the establishment of a Project Management Office that will contribute to their First Nation by:

  • Fostering Project Management skills and competencies across departments, programs and operations or services
  • Supports decision making by providing Upper and Senior Management with project management education, awareness, information and guidance
  • Aligns work with First Nations strategy
  • Engaging and collaborating with internal portfolio management structure
  • Customizing project delivery processes and governance based on each project’s unique size, complexity and characteristics
  • Evaluates project performance with an eye to continuous improvement, knowledge transfer and change management
  • Sets the project team up for increased success so they can deliver the project’s expected outcomes 

Our PMO Implementation Services:

1.0  Needs Assessment | Project Management Models, Methods, Templates, Documents, Tools and Technology

Assesses current project management models (project management strategies and approaches), methods (processes and procedures), templates (governance, plans, charts, baselines), documents (data and information, reports, agreements and contracts), tools (scheduling, performance measurement, document management) and technology (collaboration and communications systems) used across the department/organization to manage projects


  • Produce faster and better project outcomes and services
  • Improve project management governance within the organization
  • Ensure a higher consistent project success rate Increased efficiency and productivity of Directors and Managers
  • Improved Project Management processes


  • Situational Analysis
    Conduct a thorough front-end analysis of current project management protocols, processes and procedures. We will use virtual or face-to-face interviews to conduct most of this analysis
  • Define Desired State
    After gaining a clear appreciation of the organizations project management environment, we will define how best to implement the proposed objectives/outcomes & explain their rationale
  • Engage Directors and Managers
    Deliver an awareness workshop, that will be focused on building awareness of the project objectives and how the project management office will benefit the organization. This workshop will determine concerns, interests, needs & identify levels of project management knowledge. We ensure you are engaged and feel involved in a collaborative decision-making process relating to the processes being proposed for implementation
  • Analyse the Gap
    Analyse the gap between the current state of project management and the proposed objectives (future state); also identify the road blocks that potentially will hinder the attainment of the objectives
  • Define the Solution(s)
    Make recommendations, with a consideration of the resources and budget that are available, on project management best practices/processes needed to bridge the gap between the current state and desired state

2.0  Customizing

Provides the First Nation with Project Management guidelines, standardized approaches, templates, tools, training and coaching


Prepare and fashion the First Nation ready for the increased responsibility on capital projects


Allow the First Nation to implement more effective project management technologies and approaches that will:

  • Improve project management delivery
  • Establish Project Management as a core competency within the First Nation
  • Standardize and embed Project Management best practices and processes across departments, programs and projects - at all levels
  • Streamlines project: Financial & Administrative tasks; 3rd party consultant - Scope of Work commissioning policies, processes & procedures
  • Improves proficiency to manage third-party consultants, incl. workplans, budgets and deliverables

3.0  Implementation

Provides the following structured/phased approach to implementation

Phase I

  • Access impact of change on staff
  • Provides a Change Management Plan, including a Training Needs Assessment

Phase II

  • Maps out Strategic Priority projects and programs across the department/organization
  • Development of a framework (coding structure) for tracking & monitoring projects

Phase III

  • Deployment of an appropriate Project Management Information Management System

Phase IV

  • Delivery of additional training & coaching to support the new processes and Information Management System(s)

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