Community & Territorial Land Use Project Management Planning Workshop

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Processes, Tools and Techniques that will allow Indigenous communities & organizations to more effectively:
Plan, Manage and Implement Community Land Use & Territorial LandXaxlipFN PET2019 Use projects

Territorial Land and Community Land Use Planning in an Indigenous community is a complex process, comprised of multiple projects that need to be managed in a coordinated way over several years

Additionally, there are many internal organizational barriers ex. lack of understanding cross-functionally, (at both Leadership and Senior Management levels) of TLUP and LUP process/projects, and externally (sporadic funding from DIS, multijurisdictional political, environmental and historical (CP’s) constraints, community buy-in etc) that need to be addressed

To manage such a complex set of deliverables and barriers requires a structured framework and a meticulous approach

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Note: ENVPMSS classes can be taken to earn contact hours towards the Project Management Institutes' Project Management Professional Certification

Click Here to Hear what Lyle Leo, Economic Development Officer at the Xaxl'ip First Nation (BC) has to say about our 3-day Workshop for Council, Senior Management & Administration

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