On-Site | Case-based Project Management Planning Training
No Need to Travel....We'll Come to You!

Take your Capacity Development training to the next level!
Our Case-based Training ensures participants:

  • Learn the Right Things
  • Retain & Apply What they Learn

We get to the core of Project Management and apply it to real-life situations immediately!
Receiving feedback - Refining Understanding - Creating Outcomes

What Sets Us Apart from conventional Project Management Training?

  • Training is focused on learning objectives
  • Content is tailored to projects participants are directly involved in, facilitating a deep level of learning AND the critical thinking skills

Why Choose Case-Based Learning?

  • To provide students with a relevant opportunity to see theory in practiceReal world or authentic contexts expose students to viewpoints from multiple sources to better understand why people may want different outcomes. Students can also see how a decision will impact different stakeholders, both positively and negatively
  • To facilitate critical thinking & data analysis to reach a conclusionSince many of the exercises are open-ended, students can practice choosing appropriate analytic techniques. Case-based learning has been demonstrated to be more engaging, interesting, and participatory
  • To develop analytic, communicative and collaborative skills to enhance content knowledgeIn their effort to find solutions and reach decisions participants through discussion, sort out factual data, apply analytic tools, articulate issues, reflect on their relevant experiences, and draw conclusions they can apply to new situations. This allows participants to acquire substantive knowledge and develop analytic, collaborative, and communication skills

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ENVPMSS classes can be taken to earn contact hours towards the Project Management Institutes' Project Management Professional Certification

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