Testimonials | Management & Administration

Governance | Chief & Council
Gordon Planes, Chief, T'sou-ke Nation
"I will use the knowledge and skills from the workshop to network with the community to create transparency"

Clynt King, Councillor, Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation
"Great Workshop. I wish I had attended this workshop years ago"

Jim Badger, Chief, Sucker Creek First Nation
"Better understanding and oversight of project scope."

Treaty Office
Milton Tootousis, Office of the Treaty Commissioner, Saskatchewa"
"Daily at work with both the Treaty Office and with First Nations..This workshop opened my eyes and interest."

Resource Development Corporation
Kirby Smith, Managing Director, Pikanni Resource Development Corporation
"We will use the knowledge and skills from this workshop to implement a revised company strategy in relation to our projects, programs and services."

Albertine Crow Shoe, Finance Manager, Pikanni Resource Development Corporation
"This workshop will provide me with the tools to ensure that projects are on time, well planned and thorough."

Government and Industry Relations
Christine Charlifoux, Community Liaison, CN Railway and Shell, Cold Lake First Nation
"I will use this knowledge and skills in sending in proposals to industry also I will suggest to use an organizational chart to have a much clearer picture of how the organization works."

Community Consultation
Peter Siebenmorgen, Community Advisor, Eabametoong First Nation
"Very informative & thoughtful workshop. I am looking forward to implementing many of the processes and tools in my work with the First Nations leadership"

Noreen Saddleback, Consultation Manager, Samson Cree First Nation
"Immediate use- The information has been processible now. I had felt overwhelmed, now I will be able to control and brainstorm my thoughts and ideas plus cross reference with existing info. Make it a 3-day workshop - lots of impact and info. Very excited to implement!"

Lands Management
Noella Jacko, Wikwemikong First Nation, Lands Director
" I will use flip chart sticky notes approach with Chiefs, Council and other Managers."

Margaret Sault, Director - Lands Research and Membership, Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation
"Any projects will be charted in this fashion. Useful for planning projects. Should have been longer lots of given info."

Kirk Root, Lands Officer, Saugeen First Nation
"I will use this new knowledge and skills for determining scope and remembering scope. I will look at past failures and learn from them; Consider stakeholders carefully and now be able to use PM buzz words with consultants."

Economic Development
Tracy Laboucan, Lands and Economic Development Manager, Woodland Cree First Nation
"In this workshop I discovered the 3 pillars of economic development, learned how to keep the project balanced while determining how much funding I would need and why. Graphs, Charts and templates and examples were all provided in this workshop. unlike other courses."

Norma Spence, Manitoba East Side Road Authority, Economic Development Manager
"I now possess the skills and tools I need to be a better Project Manager."

Ryan Daum, Tsawwassen First Nation, Administrative Assistant, Economic Development Office
"Using the sticky note to develop the Deliverable Breakdown Structure was a great exercise."