Key Takeaways: Environmental Consultants

2-day Environmental Project Management Planning Workshop
Toronto - September 2014

  • Determining the Critical Path
  • WBS as a great organizational tool
  • Project Charter
  • Chart it, Chart it, Chart it
  • Stakeholder Engagement is very critical

1-day Introduction to Environmental Project Management Planning Workshop
Newfoundland & Labrador Environmental Industry Association - February 2013

  • Well-accepted process for project management
  • Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone
  • When creating a project charter be sure to think, in the broad sense, and include “ALL” groups that could be potentially affected
  • Formulating a hierarchy to formalizing a structural approach to managing a project
  • Always debrief and record learning
  • Visual tools
  • The process of identifying stakeholders makes it possible to clarify the essential deliverables
  • Organizing x2
  • A new process
  • Connection between stakeholders and deliverables
  • The importance of structure and visualization tools for communications and Buy-In
  • Lessons learned are written for future reference

Environmental Project Management Planning Workshop

Natural Resource Solutions Inc. - January 2013

  • Deliverable Breakdown Structure (DBS)
  • 3 Point Estimating Formula
  • More accurate budgeting with formula and use of tables/charts
  • Importance of developing good project proposals (format) and adding PM to DBS
  • Full PM outline for better tracking of budgets  and progress
  • The Critical Path
  • Visual charting of various concepts, particularly moving through the DBS and reassembly of precedence network diagrams to better envision a project
  • Identifying and organizing deliverables and framing proposals
  • Importance of brainstorming, peer reviews and visuals
  • How to organize thoughts and structure proposals. What is involved in scope, what are considered deliverables, how to communicate with clients and teams
  • What to include in proposals for different personalities
  • Visual organizational structures. Improved understanding of all PM tasks to be considered through the project duration
  • Key to PM is in the preparation of the proposal/charter, revised from the DBS, SBS (Stakeholder Breakdown Structure)and PDN (Precedence Network Diagram)
  • Using the Precedence Network Diagram to determine what aspect of the project is controlling the next step & tying it back to the DBS

Environmental Services Association of Alberta - February 2013

  • Personality Styles
  • Time it takes to properly manage a project
  • Scheduling/Critical Path
  • Deliverables Breakdown Structures
  • Project Charter
  • Team Dynamics /Communications/ Working together
  • Developing tools to increase accountability
  • Importance of specificity & clarity
  • Scope Change
  • Project Proposal and Charter
  • Sponsor sign off responsibilities
  • Identification of stakeholders  and resources involved
  • Project Initiation and Organization
  • Capturing all of the stakeholders
  • More control on developing project charter
  • Can use this tool on other tasks to be more specific and providing clarity
  • Group Dynamics
  • Accountability
  • Storming/Forming/Norming/Performing
  • Appreciate work behind Project Management on large projects