Testimonials | Governance & Senior Management


Chief Gordon Planes, T'sou-ke Nation (BC)

"I will use the knowledge and skills from the workshop to network with the community to create transparency"

Chief Gerry Duquette, Dokis First Nation (ON)
"When writing proposals, organizing work load, bringing this to Council, making program/projects flow better"

Chief Phillip Granks, Wahta Mohawks First Nation (ON)
"Wll utilize the knowlesdge when presented with Proposals for adoption either by Admin staff or enterpreneurs for Council approval"

Senior Management

Aaron Maraole, Capital Projects Coordinator, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte
"Use the project management skills to ensure my projects run smoothly and share with my senior managers"

Brian Springer, Operations Manager, Mississaugas of Scugog Island
"Immediately applied methods learned for PM presentations to Chief of Council"

Randy Restoule, Economic Development Officer, Dokis First Nation 
"Assist with funding applications, project proposals with Chief of Council. Gained valuable information on how to present in a visual format. This workshop will be of tremendous benefit in getting Chief of Council to consider recommended proposals with greater clarity"

Kathleena Loehr, Fort McMurray First Nation
"Better prepared for meetings and projects. Have less holes in projects"

Melanie Lepine, Government Industry Relations, Mikisew Cree First Nation
"To lay out the projects into steps so that I cam able to see the project be built and complete"

Cathleen O'Brien, Regulatory Affairs, Mikisew Cree First Nation
"To challenge industries to help us to get the job done more effectively. Everything they want to add has a cost. Peer review process"

Connie Mercredi, Finance, Mikisew Cree First Nation
"Will enable me to understand proposals and what key elements to look at and what for"

Shawna Janvier, Asset Manager, Fort McKay First Nations
"Apply techniques in my daily work with the nations projects. This will assist me to sift through project in formation to the benefit of the nation"

Edmund J.Dubois, Capital Projects, Batchewana First Nations
"Use information form course with Chief of Council and in new project proposal applications"

Megan Daybutch, Economic Development Officer, North Shore Tribal Council"
"Use the course information to give myself a better idea of where to start when implementing a project"

George Yuleich,Special Projects/Economic Development, Thessalon First Nations
"To systematically organize project development and proposal development"

Nadine Roach, Capacity Development Officer/Economic Development, Garden River First Nations
"To organize project proposal writing. To determine scope of projects and assist with delivery of projects with realistic timelines and resources"

Director of Sustainable Development, Wanapitei First Nation
"How to better manage projects for success by clearly identifying scope (deliverables ) into manageable units"

Kirby Smith, Managing Director, Piikanni Resource Development Ltd
"We will embark on a revised company strategy in relation to our projects programs and services"

Ron Ingram, Project Manger , Piikanni Resource Development Ltd
"I will apply these skills to project development and management"