Environmental Consultant | Testimonials

Brenna Burwash, Environmental Scientist, GENIVAR
"Provided a more clear process for planning and executing projects"

Trevor Marr, Special Projects Manager, Keneco Environmental Services (2000) Inc.
"Visual Tools (DBS & Stakeholder Table) will be very helpful in team selection and pre-planning"

Beth Williston, Manager - Environmental Assessment, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
"Daily for managing projects that I am responsible for. Communicating with staff on projects they are managing"

Laurie Louie, Environmental Regulatory Coordinator, Penn West Energy Trust
"Better manage projects time and cost-effectively. Course was very good"

Gail Strasser, Supervisor- Engineering Projects, ACTO Gas
"I will make better use of visual aids to impact critical information"

Tracy Hunt, Environmental Advisor, Devon Canada Corp.
"Better organization of time and resources"

June Murphy, Planner 11- Environmental Assessment, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
"I will use this new knowledge and skills for communicating with municipalities and consultants"

Eric Denmen, Partner, DG Enviro
"I will use the knowledge and skills to enhance our current practices in establishing a WBS/DBS.This is the first time that I have been exposed to formal project management training and I found it very informative and useful"

Christina Navarro, Project Manager, JLEcologia
"I will use these skills for all future project implementations"

Heather Strum, Environmental Engineer, Frac Rite Environmental Ltd.
"There are many of the group activities that we do not currently do. It will be helpful for us in managing our projects better"

Charity Weiss, Reclamation Coordinator, Pioneer Land & Environmental
"I will use the Deliverable Breakdown Structure for brainstorming project deliverables, specifically Scope In and Scope Out which should result in less scope change and surprises"

Gill Fife, General Superintendent, Prairies, Quantum Murray LLP
"As management I will be better able to interact with my PM’s and will be more aware of the process. The course has given me a different perspective on familiar tasks"

Darrell Lawes, Technical Specialist - Waste Management, HAZCO Environmental Services
"For communicating long term goals to Executives and to better get the team more involved and focused"

Brett Reynolds, EMS Coordinator, Shell Canada
"These are basic principals that apply to Program Management as well as Project Management. I Am going to structure my Program Management  based on these principals"

Tracy Longpre, Environmental Advisor, EHS, Kinder Morgan Canada
"Great Course!. Knowledge and skills will be useful on larger projects"

Shelly Clark, Project Coordinator - Environmental Services, Pioneer Professional Services Group
"I will take the learning tools to help me organize and execute projects. Thank-you it was a great course, I learned a lot"


"Better structure and organization of projects which will lead to better communications and flow of project"

"Will have the tools necessary to successfully plan, execute a project and program that will definitely benefit our organization. Also will be more efficient and have better time management"

"Knowledge from this workshop will be valuable in influencing project team members in my organization to ensure we don’t experience avoidable setbacks / failures"

"Better understanding / communications with project managers"

"Understanding and better participation in RFP process"

"I will apply nearly all of the skills I learned today to create a stable and functional project system"

"Communicate effectively with stakeholders within my company"