Key Takeaways: First Nations
Environmental Project Management Planning Workshop

  • Difference between a project and program
  • Understanding the project lifecycle and the importance of planning before beginning initiation of a new project
  • Importance of front end effort necessary for business case planning
  • Building a project proposal/charter
  • Adding more detail to project charter background Why Needed (ABCC) – Accountability, Business Process not Working, Competition, Change, Congruency
  • Step by Step Process = Success
  • New tools such as the Deliverable Breakdown Structure, Critical Path Method, Precedent Network Diagram
  • Understanding the amount of time/money/resources required for proper project planning management
  • Creating a timeline and critical path
  • The importance of sequencing activities to utilize efficiencies
  • How to organize my projects
  • Information I can use and share
  • Framework for project management from start to finish
  • Scope In and Scope Out
  • Real-world applicability: identify deliverables, organizational structures, sign off stages
  • To help ensure all factors are considered and incorporated when planning and managing a project

  • Learning the PM lingo and the applications behind it

Environmental Project Management Planning Workshop
North Shore Tribal Council - November 2012

  • Deliverable Breakdown Structure

  • How to develop a Project Charter

  • Communications tools “charts” with leadership  (Chief and council & Managers)

  • Clarity

  • What you should put in a RFP and agreements for reporting

  • Objectives should be S.M.A.R.T.S.

  • Precedence Network Diagram

  • Team Exercises